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Introduction movie of optional accessories for MR300 series.

Introduction movie of cream solder painting robot with image recognition function

Releasing Z axis detection and compensation instrumentsbuilt-in type.MR-300-A06,

Demonstration movie for MR-300DS
Releasing movie which records condition of cream solder painting to fine pitch patter.

Introducing movie of operational order for MR-300DSJWIN
Releasing movie of operational order for special software which realizes solder paste painting by simple operation.

Vibration character test of NanoDrive 5-phase stepping motor/driver using MR-3300DS.

Dispense type and solder paste painting.
・ Teaching position and coordinate input are not required.
・ Program-less
・ Simple operation
・ Supporting Gyber data reading
Widely applicable for soldering, parts arrangement, drilling, screw tightening
・ Low vibration and high resolution movement are possible by using NanoDrive control stepping motor and driver at driving parts which is own technology
Wide stroke of 250mm X axis, 200mm Y axis and 70mm Z axis
Dispensing software supporting Windows2000/XP
Main unit stores 8 programs inside and can run by external switch.

・ Supporting big data by on-line execution
Light weight and compact

Items Description
Numbers of axis 3 axes (X, Y, Z)
Limit of travel X axis, Y axis 250mm×200mm
Z axis 70mm
Maximum loadble weight Work 5kg
Tool 2kg
Movement speed X axis, Y axis 0.1 to 300mm/sec
Z axis 0.1 to 300mm/sec
Repeatability X axis, Y axis Less than ±0.02mm
Z axis Less than ±0.02mm
Resolution X axis, Y axis 0.001mm
Z axis 0.001mm
Driving type Stepping motor (NanoDrive)
Switches for operation
Emergency stop, Start, Reset, Home search
Numbers of downloadable program 8 programs
Special purpose 5 inputs I8(Z axis stop signal), /PRG_S(Program start),
/EXT_E(External emergency stop), /RESET(Reset), /HRET(Home search)
4 outputs /RDY(Ready), /MOVE(Moving), /ERROR(Error), /HPOS(Current position)
Interface RS232C
Power input 100V 3A
Environmental circumstances Operating Temperature 0 to 40℃
Humidity 30 to 80%
Temperature 0 to 60℃
Humidity 20 to 90%
Dimension W:394mm×D:379mm×H:498mm
Weight About 27kg

Specification for special operating software
Items Description
Dispensing software for WindowsPC.
(for Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP)
・Automatic conversion program for dispensing (Gerber data reading / absolute data)
・Each data editing and storing
・Parameter setting and changing
・PC on-line execution mode

Optional accessories
Items Description
Parts relating dispenser ・Air type dispenser ・Syringe ・Precise nozzle ・Syringe holder unit
・Adapter tube ・SM3 color  ・Plug ・Ball bulb ・φ6 air hose
Communication accessory parts ・Special software (MR-300DSEWIN)  ・RS232C cable ・USB-RS232C conversion
Accessories ・Jig for fixing board (Work size X250mm, Y200mm)
・Work zero detection sensor unit